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The 505-DI Direct Input and the 565 Filter Bank reviewed in Recording Magazine
From the Field
"As recording guitar is my main thing, the 505-DI's guitar-specific features were irresistible: two different input impedances, bright switch and tone controls — too cool to pass up. Not to mention great metering, and that two 505-DI's cost about the same as a single similar-quality MicPre. The best guitar tone I have ever recorded — straight into my audio interface and DAW. They can be FAT when needed (they're glorious when pushed hard) but can also be pristine and clear for ethereal moody stuff — lets me capture the full reverb tail of my Strymon BigSky against a dead-silent background. I usually leave the bright switch on (pure sugar) and make use of both of the input impedances. Tracking stereo guitar direct, with a short signal path and API flavor brings a big fat smile to my face. Highly recommended!"
— From Gearslutz user "onefoursix"