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529 Stereo Compressor
Connections:API 500 Edge Connector - VPR Alliance Compliant
Input Impedance:80K ohms
Output Impedance:50 ohms
Nominal Operating Level:+4dBu
Maximum Input Level:+26dBu
Maximum Output Level:+26dBu
Attack Times:< 1ms to 50ms
Release Times:0.05s to 4s
Compression Ratios:1.5:1 to inf:1
Threshold Control Range:+10dBu to -20dBu
Metering:Dual (Stereo) 10-LED VU meter (-15VU to +18VU)
10-LED Gain Reduction Meter (-23dB to -1.5dB)
Frequency Response:+/- 0.25dB, 20Hz - 20kHz
Signal to Noise Ratio:106 dB
Power Requirements:+16VDC @ 180mA across 2 slots
-16VDC @ 180mA across 2 slots
Conforms to Automated Processes, Inc. VPR Alliance size and connectorization layout specifications.
This unit is made to install into the 500 Series frame VPR rack, lunchbox®, or any API console with 500 series slots. This is a dual-channel model which uses TWO adjacent 500 slots.
Size:3" X 5.25" X 7"
Size (Boxed for Shipping):11" X 7" X 7"
Actual Weight:2.4 lbs.
Shipping Weight:3.0 lbs.