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The API Select T25 Tube Compressor

Modern Classic!

“I've had this piece of gear for six months now and used it for tracking, mixing, and mastering. The T25 FET-style compressor limiter is a beast. Not only can you use it in mono, but also in stereo. The tubes add a big warm sound that can have your vocals sit in a mix with very little processing paired with a nice mic pre EQ. I like how the VU and LED gain reduction meters help visualize how much compression or limiting is applied. Overall super solid piece of gear!”

— Dominic Almaguer from South Bend, Indiana

  • Field Effect Transistor (FET) based gain reduction circuit
  • Audio circuit uses 12AT7WC and 12BH7, dual-triode vacuum tubes
  • Custom proprietary API output transformer
  • 11-step attack time switch
  • 11-step release time switch
  • 4 fixed ratios
  • 31-step input/threshold control
  • 31-step output/make-up gain control
  • Detented controls for accurate recall
  • Patented THRUST® switch for frequency-dependent side chain control
  • D-S feature provides high-frequency dependent side-chain control for de-essing
  • Link Switch for stereo operation
  • 10-segment LED gain reduction meter
  • LED peak indicator
  • Classic analog VU meters for output
  • IN/OUT switch
  • Full hard-wired relay bypass
  • XLR and 1/4" TRS input and output connections

The API Select T25 is a classic 2-channel, FET feedback-style compressor/limiter with a Class-A tube output stage that utilizes a custom API transformer. Built with 12AT7WC and 12BH7 dual-triode vacuum tube, the T25 represents a new direction in API's line of compressors. It offers the user a powerful and flexible feature set, including the ability for use in either dual mono or stereo mode, and is carefully engineered to deliver classic tube performance. The T25 excels at delivering the unmistakable sound of API and features our industry-exclusive Five Year Warranty.