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The API Select SR22 2 Channel Compressor

An Unbelievable and Versatile Dual Compressor

“An unbelievably awesome sounding and versatile compressor, perfect for tracking and mixing. Let's go over it.

“I am blown away by how awesome this thing sounds. I put it on my vocal chain, dialed in my settings, and gave it a whirl. I immediately noticed the pleasing compression. To my ears, it sounds transparent, yet commanding, with warmth and body. I could hear it "correcting" my transients with absolute perfection. This unit features both automatic attack and release settings, and boy does it do a fantastic job. I can hear it tracking my voice and clamping down and smoothing in an extremely musical way. My vocals finally sound polished and professional before hitting the recording interface. The auto attack and release circuits are flawless. I will also be using this for mixing duties, and I have no doubt that it will perform exceptionally for most applications.

“This is an exceptional and versatile two-channel compressor that would suit well for tracking and mixing. It's easy to dial-in, and sounds fantastic. Very reasonably priced for two high-end, hardware compressors.”

— Mark Lewandowski, Illinois

“Some items of gear have an indefinable magical quality, and this is one. It's warm, smooth, powerful, and made things sound better with minimal fiddling...”

— George Shilling, Resolution Magazine Review

  • Patented THRUST® circuit
  • Variable Threshold, Ratio, and Make-up gain controls
  • Classic analog VU meters
  • Switchable metering of output level and gain reduction
  • Peak threshold LED indication
  • Switchable Hard of Soft Knee compression
  • Linkable for stereo operation with true RMS power summing
  • Fully balanced XLR and 1/4" inputs and outputs

The SR22 Dual Channel Compressor features two channels of API's patented award-winning compressor circuit in a rackmount unit with internal power supply. This same compressor circuit was originally designed into the legendary ATI Paragon analog live mixing console. Each channel includes the patented THRUST® circuit, which protects the sensitive high frequency content of the audio signal, even under the most vigorous of compression ratios. The perfect companion to the new SR24 Dual Channel EQ, the SR22 provides comprehensive, easy-to-use control along with classic analog VU meters for monitoring output and gain reduction. The two channels can also be linked for use as a stereo compressor with true RMS power summing of the left and right signals.