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Legacy AXS Recording and Mixing Console

“We chose API through the most organic method we could come up with; we did a blind test. I got my hands on every mic pre available from every type of new console on the market right now, and we recorded John [Mayer]’s vocal, we recorded his acoustic, and a couple other things, and I played them for John and he picked the API everytime.”

— Chad Franscoviak (John Mayer)

“I like working super-fast, this console allows me to work extremely fast. The AXS Console has the classic API sound but it’s got modern workflow.”

— Dave Cobb

Since the introduction of the first API Legacy Series console to Green Street Studios in Manhattan in late 1989, API has delivered over 75 Legacy Series consoles around the world. The astonishing statistic is that virtually every Legacy built is still in service.

We continue the API Legacy with the introduction of the new Legacy AXS Recording and Mixing Console. Featuring the traditional API Analog Signal Path, the AXS also offers a new and powerful feature set, all at an attractive price for today's studios, artists, engineers and producers.

From 32 to 80 Channels (in 16 Channel Buckets)
Channel Width: 1.5"
Input Bucket Width: 24"

500 Series Equalizer Compatible
(Fitted with 550A and 560 Equalizers)

Dual 200 Rows on each channel
212 Mic Pre
225 Compressor
235 Noise Gate
215 Filter
205 Direct Input

Dual Input (100mm Main Fader, 45mm 2nd Fader)

Motorized Fader and Mute Automation

Buses and Routing
24 Main Bus
12 Aux Sends
3 Stereo Bus

Complete Center Section including 5.1 Surround Monitoring

6 Stereo Echo Returns with Automated Faders provides Extensive Routing features for Parallel Compression and Stem Mixing.

2500C Stereo Bus Compressor Standard

On Board or Remote Patchbay (32 and 48 Channel can be On Board, 64 or more Channels Remote only)

Optional DAW/Producer's Desk
For further customization, we invite you to contact API.

As with all API products, The Legacy AXS Console offers the same exacting craftsmanship featured on all API Large Format Consoles, including a unique 5 year warranty on all parts.