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BOX Sales Spread Across Europe

API announces two new sales made in Europe this week. Two BOX consoles are currently in the shop where our technicians are getting them ready to head across the Atlantic very soon. One console is headed to Germany, and the other to Italy. API has plenty of experience in many different countries, but the excitement never wears off when we send a console overseas. Good luck and congratulations to the two proud new owners of one-of-a-kind API BOX consoles.

Jen Schiller Heads Up New Press and Marketing Efforts at API

API is welcoming a new member of our staff at headquarters this week! Jen Schiller joined our team as press representative and in-house writing staff this Wednesday, and she is settling in nicely at her new home. We bid a sad farewell to Amy Kelly, who did a fantastic job during her time with us, and worked especially hard to build up our illustrious social media campaign. We wish Amy the best of luck in her new endeavors. Jen joins us from Connecticut, New Jersey, and Washington DC. She has a B.A. in Creative Writing from Goucher College in Towson, and an M.A. in theatre studies from Montclair State University. In addition to her post with us, Jen is also a freelance journalist who continues to write about video games, music, books and nerdy television shows. Jen is excited to write, tweet, and post all over the internet about API's equipment and the legacy we continue blazing in the music world. She hopes to see some of you at trade shows, industry events, or alt-rock concerts in the tri-state area.

Say hello to Jen at @thisisAPIaudio on twitter, or on our facebook page /APIaudio.

A year in review

The BOX is finishing strong after being in production for almost a complete year, and this months' edition of Mix Magazine is taking note. In the feature titled "New Consoles for the Studio" on page 48 of the August 2014 issue, Mix editors begin with "API's the BOX analog console is a smaller-format console with the same circuitry, performance and API sound as the company's larger-format Vision, Legacy Plus and 1608 consoles". It's true- the BOX provides API's legendary "all discrete" sound, packed into a small, cost-effective package. Want to see what it's capable of? Check out this video titled "Tracking Session: Building a Song using The BOX" on the APIactionchannel on YouTube.

Italian X Factor Finalist Featured on YouTube with the API BOX

She was a finalist on season 7 of the X Factor in Italy, and now she is featured in a live music video with the BOX console. Clare "Aba" Gallana visited True Colours Studio in Padova, Italy, where she shot her latest online video. Mauro Santinello, owner and engineer at True Colours, used the BOX to record and mix the music for the performance. His console has been put to the test for jazz, acoustic, and rock recordings since he added it to his studio earlier this year. You can watch the video on True Colours' YouTube page, and learn why Mauro said the BOX is the best console for the modern studio here.

Songwriter pays tribute to a friend using an API Legacy Plus

API is active on Twitter (@ThisIsAPIaudio), and one recent post from producer and engineer Travis Ball caught our eye. Travis is working on a recording with Bailey Rankin, a student at Belmont University studying commercial voice. The team went to Sound Emporium in Nashville to record on its newest addition- an API Legacy Plus console. What they were recording, however, is really noteworthy.

Here's what Bailey tells us about "Riley's Song":

"I wrote it to sing at my friend Riley's memorial service. Riley and his younger brother, Dylan, both have a developmental disability- which eventually led to Riley's death in January. He was an amazing person, and an inspiration for my home town of Anderson Township, a suburb of Cincinnati."

"When I knew Riley's life was nearing its end, I wrote him this country song. I am NOT a country singer, but Riley loved country music. This song is about Riley's strength, and the positivity he spread even when he was struggling and in pain."

"After hearing the song, many people asked if I would record it. I've decided to record and sell the song to raise money for Riley's family."

The song is currently in its final mixing stages. Stay tuned for more.

Pick up a copy of Recording Magazine today....

... and see the kind words Paul Vnuk, Jr. had to say in his review of the BOX. Among the list of positive points made in his review, this quote stands out:

"I know this all sounds like hype, but if all you have ever done is worked in the plug-in realm, the sound of a high-end large-format console may blow your mind. Make no mistake, small size notwithstanding, the BOX is absolutely a high-end large-format console."

Well, Paul, we appreciate a comment like that. You can read the entire review on page 12 of the September 2014 issue of Recording Magazine, where he really drives home all the full-studio capabilities the BOX packs into a small, affordable format.

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